Résumé filename pet peeve

When sending documents to people, consider the utility of the filename in the recipient's context. We're hiring student employees for the summer, and if I had a nickel for every email attachment called "resume.pdf", I'd have at least $0.60.

Naming a file "resume.pdf" makes plenty of sense for a student, who likely only has one such file on their machine. But for potential employers, the name is almost meaningless. "kirby-mcsmartypants-resume.pdf", on the other hand, will make me think "Kirby's a smart guy (assuming Kirby's a guy, Kirby could  be a girl's name) for naming his résumé in a way that's useful for me." Also, Kirby McSmartypants is an awesome name.

Personally, I don't care if you put the acute accents on or not. I can swing UTF-8 or lower ASCII. Definitely don't put accents in file names though. That breaks stuff.

Tip o' the hat to Joel's résumé rant and Kathie.

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