Reiterating how good yesterday was

So, I left you yesterday with me having taken my bioterrorism midterm and having had lunch with Tala. Tala, by the way, is really cool. We talked about her B.A. thesis on cosmopolitanism. Aren't I erudite?

Anywho, immediately after posting yesterday, Evelyn, Margaret and I went to Chinatown for bubble tea. (I do not favor the term 'bubble tea', since what we drank contained neither bubbles nor tea. I prefer tapioca freezes, since they do contain tapioca and crushed ice.) The secret ingredient of tapioca freezes is a clear syrup added before blending. We coined this secret ingredient "oil juice". Yum. Get me some more of that oil juice. Also, we purchased coconut buns. Coconut buns rock my world.

Yesterday also included an e-mail from Nick Denton, which made me the envy of my weblogging friends (namely, Margaret and Evelyn). Ruthie will probably be envious when she reads this.

Finally, I ran into my Biological and Cultural Evolution professor on the bus (how crazy is that), and we talked about the evolution of scientific collaboration networks.

This morning I was notified that I will be a featured weblog on the soon to be launched Sweet.

Tidbit: check out the pretty math pictures at McMullen's Gallery.

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