Are you concerned about spontaneous molecular decomposition? Be prepared and carry a backup: put the human genome on your iPod (and still have room for all your Andrew W.K. songs).

Lou Dobbes' wife gets caught packin' heat at Newark airport.

The Morning News dares to compare: NYC vs. LA. Hot-shit NYC weblogger Elizabeth Spiers says good riddance.

Watch American Idol last night? Of course you did. Ms. Perky, the poster girl for ritalin, was the best ever.

From the Obscure Store:
Bishop McCormick of New Hampshire testified yesterday that he considered sexual molestation a sin, but not a crime. That shit it whack.

Chief Moose catches Beltway sniper, but can't find MLK ceremony. His wife summarizes his detective and navigational skills: "He caught a sniper but he can't find a church."

Ice chunk from airplane lands in teen's bedroom, ruins favorite sweatshirt.

And Mike Rosenberg e-mails, "[I'm] very proud that you've been updating your blog so frequently[.]" That's right Mike, I'm back in the game.

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