Pictures from the protestDave, Ben,

Pictures from the protest

Dave, Ben, some girl from NYC, and Lucinda hold a banner supporting 10 men still on death row after a Chicago police commissioner was found to have tortured them into confessing.


Al Sharpton speaks at a rally prior to our march to the Supreme Court building.


Thousands of protesters, led by Al Sharpton, march to the Supreme Court building.


More protesters, marching.


'Hail to the Thief' was a popular slogan for the protesters. Lucinda is smiling in the foreground.


And yet more protesters, marching, marching.


Outside the Supreme Court building, police speak softly to each other, but carry big sticks. There is rain on the camera lens.


Protesters were disatisfied with the Dec. 12 Supreme Court decision.


As one of the cheesier chants, people danced in a circle and yelled "Who let the Bush's in?" as a variation on the popular song by the Baha Men.

Unfortunately, my photo journal of the event must end at this point because my camera died in the rain. After this, our group left the protest at the Supreme Court building to join the much larger protest at the Inaugural Parade.

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