Outkast is wicked smart

Ruthie alerted me to the fact that I haven’t updated in a month. I know that’s lame. I’ve been working about 20 hours a week between Web Services and the Chicago Maroon. At the end of the day (with a full course load), I’m a little webbed out.

Anyway, I just had an experience that was totally blogworthy. I was dancing alone in the apartment in front of a mirror. I was shakin’ my butt to Outkast’s Ghettomusick, which has a particularly fast beat, when I turned my head to check out how hot my butt looked in the mirror.

It was shakin’ like a mofo and looking hella tight. But it was shakin’ so fast that I strained my neck and back. Ouch!

So I gently sat down at my computer to blog my ridiculous boogie mishap when Outkast’s The Rooster came up on my playlist. The hook of which is:

“Throw your neck out. Throw your back out.” [4x]

Can you believe that? Outkast is wicked smart.

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