Not hypocritical

Yesterday on the news, I heard Janeane Garofalo rail about the hypocracy of U.S. foreign policy. Her main complaint was that the US was threatening to disobey the UN in order to punish Iraq for breaking a UN resolution. It's true that the US is willing to act against UN consensus to ensure that Iraq does not have secret weapons, but that's not hypocritical.

Why? Because the goal of the US in this situation is not to make sure Saddam obeys any given UN sanction: it's that he gets rid of biological and chemical weapons. That goal happens to be a UN resolution, which means the the US can for the most part exert its influence under the mandate of the UN. But should that mandate prove insufficient, it is logically consistent for the US to pursue its interest through other means.

Ms. Garofalo's criticism is naïve sophistry. Celebrities make poor pundits.

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