No more afternoon classes! Today

No more afternoon classes!

Today was my first day of having no afternoon classes. My friends and I went out to lunch at Buffy's (and I had my favorite Slayer Burrito w/ green Tabasco sauce, yum).

About the BBS program I want to set up for this page:

I've found an excellent program that I want to use, but it took me 3 calls to tech support today to realize that it won't run on :-(

So I'm looking for some free place that will host it. It should be up soon.

I've discovered a huge community of people who all have their own bulletin boards using this program. They're pretty cool. It feels like I've been excepted into a quasi-secret club or something. But they're friendly and inclusive, so I have a good time posting. Plus, I realize that I'm not the only one who spends way too much time on the computer.

Well, I have to work on my essay about "Allied Cryptology in WWII". I choose the topic myself - how geeky is that? :-)

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