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That Aaron sure is a swell and informed guy. His opinions are most intelligent and defensible. Where does he get his news? Is he even more egotistical in the third person than he is in the first?

In high school, I spent hours a day watching television (almost exclusively The History Channel, CNN, CNBC, and C-SPAN), and even more hours surfing the Internet. I had a lot of free time in high school. Rather than do something productive with that time, e.g. found a dot-com company, I stared passively at video screens. But that0ˆ9s not the point. The point is that I have invested a great deal of time into finding news sources. Here are some of my favorites that I feel deserve to be highlighted:

NextDraft is a free email news service. Compiled by Dave Pell every weekday, it has Pell0ˆ9s column and about a dozen headlines and abstracts written by Pell.

NYTimes News Alerts is also free. The NY Times will email you with a headline and an abstract every few days when a major event happens.

Hardball with Christ Matthews. Hands down the best news commentator. 7 p.m. EST on MSNBC.

This American Life is my favorite radio program, even though it0ˆ9s not really news. It does function as a type of social commentary. It may be heard on NPR at various times. Their entire archives are free online.

Yahoo0ˆ9s Most Popular is a good source of major events and weird stories.

Metafilter, which is neither meta nor filter, is also a source of major news events, often about technology or politics.

Drudge Report is entertaining yellow journalism.

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