New Year's Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

I have three New Year resolutions. They are to stop eating red meat, to stop biting my cuticles, and to drink coffee instead of lattes. I've decided not to eat red meat because it's unhealthy compared to white meat or vegetarian diets. Already, I eat very little red meat, so it's not a difficult resolution.

Biting my cuticles will be a harder habit to break. I've done so for years as a kind of nervous habit. The skin around my nails is all gross looking because I eat it. My hands will be much more aesthetic from now on.

The third resolution is to save money. I drink about three coffee related beverages per day. Usually, I get a mocha latte or cappuccino. That costs about $40 per week, or $1,200 for the thirty weeks I'm in school. Switching to regular coffee will drastically reduce that cost (savings go towards a new laptop).

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