New Cats

Last November, one of my room mates, a cat lover, found three kittens. Eventually, we gave two to the Humane Society, and kept one. From one perspective, he saved the cat from probably death during the winter, and has ensured that the cat will survive much longer. From another perspective, we imprisoned the cat in our tiny apartment and mutilated its sex organs. The cat went from living free and insecure in the "wild" of Chicago, to living constrained and secure in our apartment. People who conform to social norms (including myself) have implicitly chosen security over freedom, in a sense. But I'm getting ahead of myself. While I have grown to tolerate the cat, especially now that is has grown up and lost its cuteness, I found the following quote from Metafilter right on the mark:

Of course, babies of just about all species are cute; this is a survival trait since it keeps [most] people from killing them. Now, in case you didn't know, a kitten (or a baby person for that matter) can be a real handful to take care of, and can get into an amazing amount of trouble in an amazingly short time. Seriously, would anyone have cared to rescue an adult warthog, for example?

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