My Zip Disk

I love my Zip disk
An Ode to Ktheory

Ktheory, apart from being a web site, is also a Zip disk. Ktheory the Zip disk is my truest friend. (For clarity's sake, lowercase 'k' ktheory refers to this web site, and capital 'K' Ktheory is the Zip disk.) For over two and a half years, I have stored a backup of ktheory on Ktheory. Since I started college, Ktheory has faithfully backed up all my documents. Occasionally, I even cram it full of MP3s, or use it in Macintosh computers (which put a bunch of stupid system files on Ktheory without asking). Everyday, Ktheory is stuffed in my backpack and hauled to class and God knows where else. Living in my backpack, it has been kicked, dropped, thrown, and smashed. Despite my abuse, Ktheory forgives me, and keeps storing all my stuff. Its unerring loyalty makes me weepy.

This past week, Ktheory has given my two read errors. While it continues to store my stuff, I fear its days are few.

Ktheory, before you die, I want you to know how much I love you. While many mistake you for a run-of-the-mill Iomega PC100 disk, your sentimental value to me is far beyond the $8 I once paid for you. I will always remember your smudged label, 'Ktheory', scrawled haphazardly so long ago, and your sketchy brownish green stain.

When you die, I'll probably throw you away in the closest trash can. Or maybe I'll take you apart, then throw you away, like a medical student dissecting a cadaver. Except I'll dissect you for entertainment. When I die, people will probably have some kind of ceremony. You don't get a ceremony because you're not a person. I hope you understand.

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