My mom told me that

My mom told me that I look like a Backstreet Boy. I was about to go over to a friends house, and I was wearing a polo shirt with cargo pants, and out of the blue my mom said that I looked like a Backstreet Boy! In my opinion, she's only saying this because I started putting gel in my hair. My hair looks cool with gel - but in an edgy, mildly punk-rock way - not like stupid boy bands. Geez. I did find comfort, however, in knowing that if I took off my polo shirt, I was wearing my 'geek' shirt, reaffirming my iconoclasm, and not my superficiality.

Of course, perhaps I am like superficial boy bands because, in my narcissism, I publish pictures of myself on the Internet and maintain a web log. I hold it as intuitively obvious that everyone cares about what I look like and what I happen to be thinking about at the moment.

How's that for "pithy, sarcastic commentary"?

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