My local newspaper intereviewed me

My local newspaper intereviewed me about this web site. The article, Dear e-diary, runs today. Welcome to any who are visiting via the article. I encourage you to sign my guestbook.

I should say, however, that I'm pretty disappointed with this article. Being "personal" online doesn't mean being morbid and depressing, which is to say that I don't feel the quotes Kucinski selected are representative of my content. While she was interviewing me, I was especially conscious that my words would probably be taken out of context, so I spoke in such a way as to minimize this misrepresentation. Every answer I gave to her question alluded to broader ideas about the web as a medium for massive individualistic expression. I certainly wasn't expecting her to print "I've had very low self-esteem lately. Recently, I just feel stupid and worthless." I guess that's why so many people are wary of the media...

Here are some entries from my journal archives that I feel are more representative of who I am:
January 31, 2000: Snow, Football, and Urine
January 6, 2000: The Meaning of Life, Part I
September 10, 1999
April 20, 1999
April 10, 1999

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