My awesome coffee recipe

Everyone in Ithaca knows Gimme Coffee for their social consciousness, trendy baristas, and tasty coffee. (I like their packaging and branding, even though it's very similar to illy's. The modern silver and red packaging gets my attention in the morning the way less shiny objects would after I've had some coffee.)

Ooh, they even have a blog!

Marketing aside, I've stumbled upon a rather fantastic blend of coffee that I've started drinking every morning, and my unprompted roommate and his girlfriend agree is "very good coffee".

It's half Gimme Coffee's "Deep Disco", the medium dark 'levitation blend', and half "Asobagri", the medium unflavored blend with a 'rosy vanilla' aroma and 'truffle Pirellis' body. (Who writes these descriptions?).

Assuming you have the same Cuisineart coffee bean grinder I have, the proper amounts are one grinder full each Deep Disco beans and Asobagri beans, and ten cups of water. This makes enough for three large mugs (for, perhaps, me, my roommate, and his girlfriend), and a little left over for whoever drinks the fastest.

The Deep Disco, being the sturdy workhorse brew, goes on the bottom, which means the soft and eccentric Asobagri goes on top. As the water drips through the grinded beans, it is first infused with the delicate traits of Asobagri before being fortified to full flavor by Deep Disco.

Honestly, the order of the beans probably doesn't matter one bit, except insofar as the morning ritual brings me comfort. What's more, the problem of which bag of coffee beans do I grab first, is a confidence booster to solve, even if the solution is arbitrary.

Okay, I need a refill.

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