More mathmatical geekiness Yesterday, you

More mathmatical geekiness

Yesterday, you might be interested to know, was the first time in over a millennium that all the digits of the date were even. 02/02/2000 was the date, of course, and the last time the digits of the date were all even was August 28, 888. Conceptually, you can think of this pattern as skipping every other day (because it is odd), then skipping every ten days, then skipping every other month, then every ten months (October, November and December), then every other year, decade, century...and we just finished skipping a millennium. Being a math geek, I think that's really cool, but I understand if some of you care less.

I just read an interesting article over at about Napster and It talks about the
phenomenal success of Napster and the possible future of the music industry and the RIAA. Plus, I learned three new vocabulary words just from reading the article:

onus: burden, disagreeable necessity.
machinate: to scheme or plot against something.
pariah: outcast.

Plus, reading Vonnegut today (imagine!), I learned lugubrious, which means
mournful or dismal.

I'm really loving afternoons off from school. My day [at school] is just so short now! I'm still shocked to realize fifth period as I walk in to French class that it is the last period of the day for me.

In other news:

I was invited to join the nexus crew. However, in order to join, I need to submit a work of fiction. For those of you who
have hung around my web site long enough, you might have been unfortunate enough to have meandered into my Writing section when it was still in existence. Of course, none of the 3 pieces of writing in the aforementioned non-existent web site are worthy of reading by anyone, so I'll have to come up with something new. And don't think I'm being too hard on myself bashing my old writings - they truly are terrible. In fact, the only time when I received a failing grade in English class was when I submitted these papers. The failing grade also had to do with the fact that I hated Catcher in the Rye, though I seem to share this detest only with myself, as everyone else loves that book.

But anyway, I'll start practicing my third-person narrative and let you know that Aaron has a few ideas up his sleeve for this nexus thing, so stick around...

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