Minor celebrity

Previously on ktheory, I alluded to Susie saying "wha' ha' happened". This is part of Susie's affected idiolect. For more of her colloquialisms, read the following e-mail (for context, Susie's sister is Margaret, who is pretty much my conjoined twin):

yo yo whattup aaron-

wha ha happened was that i was talking with my sista, and she was all 'you know you like a celebrity now or sunthin' and i was all 'wha?' and she was all 'yeah, it be like dis, my friend aaron, yo, he gots this like weblog thing, you feel me? and he's all up in this writing thing and one day, he like be quoting you on it too.' and i was all like 'girl, you trippin' and she was all 'no, fo real yo, check it out' and i was like 'you be a worser liar than my baby's father' and she be like 'yo, now who's trippin yo' and i was all like 'yo you still trippin, but i'll check it out'. so i check it out, yo, and she be right! who knew that b**** was telling the truth. anyways, it turned out that what she said ha happened was really wha ha happened, and now i feel like some internet celebrity or somethin.



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