Meta Linker

Another update: I've disabled the metalinks because I didn't find them very useful.

Notice all those little [b]'s following links in my weblog? Those are metalinks, created using Meta Linker. Meta Linker is a piece of javascript that creates a small link to the blogdex database after each link you blog. I think it's a very important step towards creating a more semantic web (see original SciAm article by Tim Berners-Lee or, a way of following conversations between weblogs. Although at first it's a little distracting to see all those [b]'s, I think webloggers will get used to it.

Plus, it's a cinch to add to your web page — just cut & paste it into your blog template. It takes less than a minute.

Update: Meta Linker works on Windows and Macs, in Internet Explorer 5+ and Mozilla, but not in Opera. As Graham suggested, I'm sure a less intrusive solution can be found.

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