Melissa, who is an awesome

Melissa, who is an awesome writer, recently wrote in her email list about a visit to Harvard. She said that the students there "are so intelligent that they're humble". I, as a paradox aficionado, was immediately drawn to this statement. I remember reading once (and I forget where) that the mark of a true advancement is realizing that one is not advanced at all. This, the writer continued, is true for both individuals and civilizations. (As an aside, this parallel between the individual and the state is one more example of how everything relates back to Plato and The Republic.)

One can only be correctly cognizant of their level of enlightenment if they see themselves as minutia in an infinite sea of knowledge. But, once they truly become cognizant of this, they are enlightened and no longer insignificant within infinity.

This paradox leads back to my current philosophical sentiment that truth does not exist. One can never truly know one's level of advancement, (assuming we take the above paradox as truth, obviously). Of course, I can't prove that there is not truth, because if I did, it would be a truthful conclusion. And using truth to prove the nonexistence of truth is yet another paradox! Thus, within the laws of logic, it is assumed that truth exists - an interesting premise without which the universe would probably fly apart into billions of pieces.

Oh, it already did.

Well, anyway, truth must exist in order for anything else to exist. Thusly, through a moral and rational imperative that I invented for myself by which I hold as my belief that which I know to be most true, I cannot be a nihilist, but merely the diluted form of one.

I am a universal skeptic, even this I doubt.

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