Meals of Champions

[Delving more into the banalities of my life0‡7]
For lunch today, I had sushi and a latt0—5, available at the modestly priced and conveniently located Divinity School Coffee Shop ("where God drinks coffee"). For dinner, I am eating peanut M&M0ˆ9s and Diet Coke. What my dinner lacks in nutritional value, it almost makes up for in convenience (cheaply available at many places, particularly the Classics Caf0—5).

In other news, I got two new monitors and an SGI 02 workstation from the 0ˆ6Magic Dumpster0ˆ7 (the closet full of old hardware discarded by the University0ˆ9s computer labs, and free to employees). Now, I can waste valuable time fiddling with the SGI workstation. However, my productivity will increase because my current computer will have dual monitors, thus mitigating time wasted on the O2.

And now I go back to studying0‡7

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