MacOS vs. WindowsRealizing that I

MacOS vs. Windows
Realizing that I have been rather prolific lately, I figured I'd take a fifteen-minute study break between reading Hobbes and Nietzsche to share with you my opinions about popular operating system interfaces. (Hobbes and Nietzsche - I love this school.)

I'd never really used MacOS before I came to U of C, which is primarily a Mac campus. I've used Windows ever since version 3.1. Windows is superior to MacOS in that it balances simplicity and ease of use with advanced and powerful features. But perhaps this is only my perception because I am most familiar with Windows. MacOS is far superior to Windows in its visual appeal. MacOS looks sexy. Windows looks like it's still stuck in the era of 8 bit graphics. However, a very frustrating thing about using Macs is the interface. I despise these tiny mice (even the new optical ones) and cramped keyboards that come with new G4s. Why is there still only one mouse button? Earth to Steve Jobs! The Intellimouse Explorer is the best mouse I've ever used and it has four buttons plus a scroll wheel. Couldn't Apple at least acknowledge the benefits of a scroll wheel? To their credit, MacOS does support mice with multiple buttons, even the Intellimouse Explorer. As for the cramped keyboard of Apple computers - the Microsoft Natural Keyboard is the most comfortable keyboard I've used. Apple seems to have mastered the visual interface on the monitor, the output. But they insist on shrinking the input devices supposedly for the sake of aesthetics. Stop it. I like big mice and keyboards. The next computer I buy will probably be an Apple, but only if the mice and keyboard are more comfortable than the ones currently offered by Apple.

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