Lowering pretenses

If I'm going to post here, I'm going to have to scrape a little deeper in the barrel of my life.

Today I had a toasted sesame bagel with cream cheese and tomato for lunch. I have this almost every day for lunch. At Collegetown Bagel, it used to cost $1.98. I'd step up to the cash register with two $1 bills in hand, pay for the bagels, and put my two pennies in the penny tray. There was a certain routine and geometry to the affair. I like bagels and cream cheese and tomatos, but the appeal was more due to the economy, and particularly the economy of bills and coinage required by the transaction.

January 1 CTB raised the price to $2.39, which almost doubled the number of bills and coins involved in a normal transaction. As someone who likes to entertain minor OCD habits like only stepping on sidewalk squares an even number of times, this disruption of my lunch routine is rather meloncoly. And an unfortunate pile of change is growing more quickly on my desk.

By the way, talking to strangers in bars is a thoroughly enjoyable habit to cultivate. I usually tend to leave the conversations awed in some way. Though my threshold for being awed is rather lower, due to the alcohol.

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