Look what I found

I have the habit of uploading pictures to my web server and then forgetting to post them. Over past few years, a fair amount of crap has accumulated in the unlinked subdirectories of ktheory. Today I was straightening up, and came across these pictures from my 1999 trip to Cape Town, South Africa for the Parliament of World Religions conference.

I look good in a turban
My friend Muhammed Afifi and me, kickin' it Islam-style in the hotel room.

Table cloth over Cape Town
Oftentimes in the evening, a low cloud pours over Table Mountain north of Cape Town. The effect is aptly nicknamed the table cloth.

Web-savvy Buddhists
At the conference it was commonplace to see Buddhists surfing the Web or talking on their cell phones. I guess it surprised me because I was expecting them to repudiate their worldly possessions and whatnot. But God knows Christians have just as many contradictions.

On another note, today I watched Law & Order again, plus an episode of ER. TNT is the best daytime station. Tomorrow I go to Wildwood because of a tangle with the law.

I ate lasagna for dinner, and shaved.

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