Links o' the day

Interesting things happening with Europe's conservatives:
Dutch far-right leader shot dead, protests ensue.
In France, conservative Chirac was elected over far-right Le Pen in a landslide. Then, Chirac named a moderate prime minister. But he still faces challengs. (Ooh, look at me, I read The Economist.)

Top Ten New Copyright Crimes. What feels better than lampooning rich and powerful business executives?

At Large in the Blogosphere is something I'll read later. (I'm ripping off Daypop like crazy!)

In addition to Anthrax, our postal service also delivers pipe bombs.

Warren Buffet says that a nuclear attack on the US is a "near certainty", in typical rich weirdo fashion.

Wil Wheaton is rant-o-rific about Enron.

Weblog discoveries o' the day:
I like Reductio Ad Absurdum and These Clouds. The latter lead me to discover, a site that emails haikus daily. Daily haikus give me indy cred.

That's all for today.

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