Links o' the Day

Jenin camp 'horrific beyond belief', 'morally repugnant' says UN envoy. Could there be truth to Arab and Palestinian accusations of a massacre? Amnesty International representative says there is evidence of large civilian casualties. (via Blogdex)

Japan's economic crisis. The Economist analyses (ooh, British spelling) the mounting debt that belies Japan's seemingly thriving economy. (via NextDraft)

Dartmouth student designs system to curtail Carnivore. The new system, using an "amored data vault", will encrypt information. The FBI can then get a digital signature from a judge allowing them only to decrypt information pertaining to their warrant. While this would ensure privacy from the FBI, I doubt the NSA is so concerned about getting warrants. The NSA also has computers that can break most public key encryption schemes in minutes. We'll just have to trust our government. (via Blogdex)

Speaking of Intelligence gathering, The Economist has a good article critiquing US spy agencies.

Mozilla Releases version 1.0. It seems to be slightly different from version 0.9. (via Zeldman) is weird in a kind of entertaining way. (via MeFi)

Room 101. In Orwell's 1984, Room 101 contained "the worst thing in the world". Here are 101 things to put in Room 101. (via MeFi)

Black is the new Beige for computers, according to yesterday's NY Times article. Unless, of course, you're Apple, in which case white is the new beige. (via NextDraft)

Abercrombie & Fitch pulls offensive clothes. 0ˆ6Wong Brothers Laundry Service: Two Wongs can make it white.0ˆ7 This is mildly amusing. Now they sell for $100+ on eBay. (via Kottke)

Other people who have taken the Belief-O-Matic: Ari, Evelyn, Todd,

Is that enough to keep us all busy for a while? I think so. More later perhaps.

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