Links o' the Day

Israeli troops to pull out from some West Bank cities. In essence, Sharon is bowing to international pressure from Bush to stop offensive military action. Let's hope that the Palestinians don't resume suicide bombings just because they aren't running from the IDF.

Seeing Around Corners is an article about artificial societies that I should read in its entirety at a later time (Via MeFi).

Google's Toughest Search Is for a Business Model — an interesting article about why everyone's favorite search engine hasn't had an IPO (Via NY Times). UPDATE: Mike Sippey has Five Potential Extensions To the Google Toolbar (and a new design) at Stating the Obvious.

Oddpost looks like a pretty sweet web-based POP email client, if you need that kind of thing. Personally, I'm a fan of Pine with SSH. Kickin' it old skool with the command-line interface. (Via Kottke)

In the past week, I've seen The Man Who Wasn't There by the brothers Coen and The Royal Tenenbaums by the brothers Wilson and Wes Anderson. Both movies are recommended. A few weeks ago, I saw the first Wilson-Anderson collaboration, Bottle Rocket , which I recommend very highly.

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