Links o' the day

Iraq Unconditionally Accepts Return of U.N. Weapons Inspectors. Hopefully, the U.N. will find and destroy his weapons, curbing Bush's fervor for an Iraqi invasion.

Also, a top al-Qaeda suspect was taken into custody. But has anyone heard of Ramzi Binalshibh before today? I'm skeptical about how "top" he was in al-Qaeda. It seems like Homeland Security spin. They're getting their war on!

My sister and her friends said I looked like the guy from the Dell commercials. They made it say, "Dude, you're getting a Dell" and give a spastic thumbs-up. It was quite funny. I maintain that I hardly resemble the Dell guy.

Did you watch The Sopranos last night? It was pretty good. But not as good as The West Wing and ER.

Um, did anything else interesting happen today? I mostly sat around watching Law & Order and fixing glitches on the new ktheory design. (Like it?) I also made a grilled cheese sandwich.

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