Links o' the Day

Is the web boring? Of course not. While the Internet may no longer be a 'frontier', it is far more dynamic and less mature than other mass media. (Via MeFi) [UPDATE: Derek Powazek has a good discussion of this article.]

For those who have ever been shafted by calling "shotgun" at the wrong time, here are the Official Shotgun Rules. Personally, I'm a fan of the 'Aaron is the tallest so he gets shotgun' rule, which incidentally didn't make it on the the official list of rules. (Via Mike)

Could elavators to space be possible using carbon nanotubes? That'd be sweet. (Via MeFi)

Hard evidence of the baseness and stupidity of the masses may be found in Google's list of misspelled queries for 'britney spears'. (Via blogdex)

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