Links o' the Day: Jenin

The 'engineer'. Al-Ahram, an Egyptian newspaper, has a portrait of an Islamic Jihad bomb maker in Jenin.

Debunking six common Israeli myths. The Electronic Intafada site attempts to counter the 0ˆ6distortion of the Israeli War Machine0ˆ7. Is it a well-researched, persuasive argument, or rhetorical hyperbole? (related MeFi thread)

Largest Pro-Palestine Rally in Washington. 35,000 - 50,000 people protest Israeli leaders and American Middle East foreign policy, emphasizing the need for a Palestinian state.

The Root Cause of Terrorism. Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu argues that terrorism is rooted in the tyranny of the Palestinian authority.

Relatively Unbiased
Return of an Ancient Hatred. Former President Jimmy Carter cautions against anti-Semitism in light of recent Israeli criticism. Most highly recommended editorial.

Bitter Lessons for 2 Enemies. This NY Times article gives a fair and unbiased account of the tragedy in Jenin, dismissing Palestinian claims of a massacre, yet acknowledging the extreme and unhumanitarian tactics of the Israeli Defense Force.

Jenin Refugee Camp (audio, web site). From NPR's All Things Considered, Julie McCarthy reports from Jenin, where 0ˆ6the fighting is over, but the siege is not0ˆ7.

General reactions
Metafilter reacts to the initial reports of the UN envoy. (April 18)

Kuro5hin reacts after the Passover suicide bombings. (April 2)

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