Life is a terminal illness.

Life is a terminal illness.

A few months ago, I was reading an article about someone who was devastated
because they had contracted a terminal disease. In my detached, apathetic
mind, which happened to be feeling particularly pessimistic, the thought arose
'life is a terminal illness'. It struck me as particularly catchy, ironic,
etc., so I cached it away in my neurons for future wittiness. Later, I
found a comment on slashdot similar to mine,
though independently conceived (unless we're subconsciously telepathic, which
may well be). The slashdot comment was 'Life is difficult and time
consuming.' Since this alteration is not so overtly morbid and macabre, it
is perhaps more suitable for wittiness in certain situations.

But anyway, the appropriate moment for me to use my phrase came a while ago in biology class, when the teacher mentioned a terminal disease. Me,
the clever annoyance I am, interjected that life is a terminal
illness. Amber was especially touched by this, as she is the most cynical
person I know by several orders of magnitude.

The above was simply an anecdote that I have been thinking about recently, and
this entry has the ancillary purpose of preserving this phrase and associated
cynical mindset so that it might infect our posterity.

I'd love it if I could more eloquently interject my meta-comments in what I am
writing. One would think that because this is stream of consciousness, I
would have little difficulty inserting personal comments. Indeed, this
journal is little else. But that's not what I mean. I mean comments
about my comments, as if I were to read this journal, and write comments
analyzing it. Since I have calculus on the brain, what I am groping to
describe might be like the differential of my journal - something that reveals
much more about the overall trends in my journal and life. From time to
time I think I am able to touch on this, but often I find it disrupts the flow
of the entry. (There is a flow in my entries?)

Poor Bill Bradley, too bad to see him go. <!--meta-comment: Note the
complete lack of transition between the previous paragraph and this one. I
did this for one of two reasons (you choose which one): (a) so that my writing
style was a metaphor for the abrupt changes we often experience in life, or (b)
because I could not think of a transition that did not sound generic and
"phony", as Holden would put it.--> But Gore ain't all that bad. He
did invent the Internet, so he cannot be too inept. :-) href="">George
is a moron though. I think Dub-yah, if elected, will challenge Dan
Quayle's claim to infamy. McCain is a good guy, except he hypes his book
too much and I am a pinko tree-hugging liberal.

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