Lessons learned from failures with

Lessons learned from failures with women:

  • Never kiss on the first date. Err on the side of moving too slowly.
  • "Trying too hard" is not a death sentence.
  • Be yourself. It is ok (and inevitable) to seem "weird" in some sense. Trying to act normal is trying to act mediocre. And there is no such thing as a normal relationship.
  • Don't exaggerate reality.
  • Don't overanalyze reality. If you're overanalyzing, it means you're not attracted to the person, but rather the idea of a relationship, and the person is merely a vehicle for a relationship.
  • Openess and honesty are good, but so is mysteriousness. Maintain a balance.
  • Spontaneity and steadiness are both good. Maintain a balance.
  • Physical attraction is important, but is irrelavent without personal attraction.
  • Everyone has quirks. Admire them, don't be annoyed by them.
  • Truth is a nebulous thing. It is dangerous when it takes the form of brutal. Choose your words so that it doesn't seem brutal.
  • Maintaining a functional relationship with ex-girlfriends is invaluable.
  • Be prepared to find yourself in a paradoxical or no-win situation. Be prepared to find yourself in situations where you don't know how to act. In these cases, be considerate and be yourself.

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