Law & Order discrepancy

Earlier tonight, I was watching a Law & Order rerun (Doubles) on TNT. In the episode, a tennis star is attacked seemingly by her rival (a la Nancy Kerrigan and Tanya Harding). The victim has a broken wrist and a bloody nose from the assault. Although there was no rape, murder or attempted murder, detectives Briscoe and Logan from the NYPD homicide division investigate the case. Clearly, tricky Dick Wolf thought he could dupe the audience into forgetting that the Law & Order detectives are homicide detectives for the sake of ripping a headline.

As usual, I notice and comment on this discrepancy because I am a huge dork.

Thank you to Mike Rosenberg, for asking Margaret to tell me to update my weblog, and to Dave Dinaburg for enabling my Law & Order addiction.

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