Last night

Tonight was pretty sweet. Some U of C friends and I drove up to Evanston for a NU rock 'n' roll party featuring Never Ending Story (Adele's band). It was a lot like U of C parties, except I felt more liberated because I didn't know most people. It was cool hanging out with Adele, but I think I embarrassed her when I mentioned her farm.

Following up on my recent realization that I don't know how to smoke cigarettes, Adele and Margaret taught me how to smoke. Apparently, I wasn't inhaling. Also, I lacked the overall nonchalant-ness appropriate to smokers.

I'd always assumed that smoking had a pretty low learning curve, so I was surprised to realize that I was screwing it up. Anyway, last night contained enough cigarettes to last me a few years.

After the party, Margaret, Mike Rosenberg and I went to a Mexican diner. Then for the past four hours, I've been playing X-Box games on Mike's 65" TV. This television takes up an entire wall in Mike's apartment (very Fahrenheit 451). Words cannot express how incredible first-person shooter games look on a 65" screen. They look very incredible.

Anyway, Halo is a sweet game, but I don't know if it's better than Goldeneye 007, license to kill, grenade launchers, in the stacks.


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