Last night ruled

Tim, a friend from my Econ class, invited me to the Jazz Showcase, where Jack DeJohnette, Danilo Perez, and Jerome Harris were playing. The Showcase has a good tie-in with Maggiano’s where you get a five-course meal and reserved seats at the concert for $38. Good deal. Tim also invited our Econ professor, Grace Tsiang, who’s director of the undergrad econ program, and her husband Lars, who’s chair of the entire department. As we waited for the concert to begin, we sipped single malt scotch, aged 15 years, and chatted about game theory. I was sort of winging it, since all I know about game theory I learned in Smart Mobs, and, you know, they run of one of the best econ departments in the world.

At one point, I was telling Lars about how I’ve bounced around between majors a lot—going from physics to computer science to HiPSS and math. I was telling him how much I dislike the computer science program when I turn around, and who’s sitting directly behind me? David Beazley, my old CS prof. Insert foot in mouth. He teaches the renowned Operating Systems class in which students write an entire kernel and shell in ten weeks. (See also his page for the Chicago Institute for Advanced Cartage) I don’t think he heard me, and it’s not at all his fault that the program wasn’t right for me. But Beazley’s pretty into the jazz scene, as you can tell from the picture on his web site.

After the concert, we headed back to Jimmy’s, then over to Andy’s apartment to watch Family Guy DVDs.

On a distantly related note, Blondie’s “Rapture” was the first rap video on MTV, and Prince’s “When Doves Cry” is the first #1 hit without a bass line.

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