Last night, I went to

Last night, I went to the Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority Formal as the date of my neighbor Mary Anne. I rented a tuxedo for the event, which was held in the Westin Hotel downtown. There was dinner, then a bar with a DJ. I had a really fun time getting all dressed up and acting formal, but kind of being my goofy self at the same time. But what really made my night was that Mary Anne recieved no less than five comments from four other girls about how cute I was. Even compared to all the Pike and Figi frat guys that were there, I guess I was still pretty hot. It's good to know that there are no physical barriers precluding my participation in the popular and monied world that is Greek life. Yet, I doubt that I will ever join a fraternity. They seem to be a bit superficial, a bit cultish, and a bit like buying friends. But that's just my opinion. I still had fun last night.

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