Last night I actually had

Last night I actually had a very enjoyable time working at What's Your Beef.
That's because I decided to quit.
I'm finally doing it. I take shit no more.

Also, today at the Council, I was asked to proof a letter going out to 8,000 people. I seized the opportunity to assert my literary style onto this letter, slashing paragraphs as "too harsh", underlining sentences as "corny", and suggesting more appropriate and articulate replacements.
However, little did I know that the Executive Director himself had drafted the letter. I learned this, to my horror, as a coworker took my mutilated copy of the draft to show to the Director. How would you feel if you were head of a fairly important organization in your community, and some punk intern who's not even in college started hacking up your letters as "corny"?
The other secretaries (technically, we're called "support staff") giggled at my nervousness that I had offended the Director.
Fifteen minutes later, I was elated to see the final draft of the letter in my box for copying. My every suggestion had been made, to the word.
I was smiling the rest of the day.

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