Just a quickie I finally

Just a quickie

I finally got my BBS to work! However, it is not fully customized yet, and I need to screw around with a few things before I post the URL.

When I told Adele about it, she asked "what's it for?"

I told her I didn't know, but it was the process I enjoyed, not so much the product. Honestly, my web pages don't get a lot of hits. But that's fine because I'm not doing this for fame or money, just personal expression. So, if I want to have a BBS, I'll make one, even if nobody posts to it.

On the other hand, maybe if I make one, it will become a huge success. Many an Internet site have become extraordinarily popular overnight for odd reasons. Who knows?

As the title implies, this was just a quick entry. Now I have to drop my sister off at a party and pick up Adele to meet people at CyberCafe.

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