J. Niimi, the world's foremost authority

Meet J. Niimi, my impromptu roommate. Since things fell through with Martin, the original inhabitant, J. is subletting for the year.

I was, of course, slightly apprehensive about living with J. But my anxieties were relieved when I met him today. In addition to being a full-time Grad Student at Large and library employee, he's also a freelance writer. He's written for the Reader, McSweeney's, The Baffler and he is the music editor for Bridge Magazine. And he has a weblog.

An obvious benefit to living with a grad student is that he can acquire potent potables for the status offenders among us (me). And I will inevitably be more musically cultured as well. Thus, the potentially nerve-racking roommate situation ends up much better than expected.

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