I've been lying in bed

I've been lying in bed for the past hour trying to sleep. I finally got tired of staring at the ceiling and decided to get up and do something.
I'm really stressed out about getting a job. My motivation for getting a job seems to come in spurts - so that I'll be really motivated to get a job one day, but then not follow through for a while. It's really killing me. I feel as though now I'm behind the curve because all the college kids are coming home. I applied for a job at the Park Diner, but apparently they don't hire waiters - only good looking waitresses - because Adele said my application was crumpled up in a pile along with the fat girls applications. (Park Diner is not exactly and equal opportunity employer). I also applied at a restaurant called What's Your Beef. I think that I have a good shot because I know a former waitress there really well, and they said they have an opening for a bus boy. But they won't call me back until Memorial Day, and the wait is killing me. I have laid in bed the past two nights obsessing about how lazy I have been in finding a job. I have applications for a bunch of other places too, but I haven't filled them out.

I have confidence that I will land on my feet - I always do - but right now I'm really worried because I don't want to get stuck with a shitty job for the summer. Being a waiter is a job that pays fairly well and has a lot of friendly social interaction. What's Your Beef is really ideal because it is within walking distance from my house.
I think that I'll call What's Your Beef tomorrow and re-emphasize what a friendly, hard worker I am.

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