Irresistible Lure of Subways Keeps

Irresistible Lure of Subways Keeps Landing Impostor in Jail (from NYT, free subscription required)
This is guy is weird, that's for sure. But is he a menace to society?
He certainly doesn't think that he is insane, but those who want to help him say that they must first convince him that he has a problem.
If I was a perfectly happy guy, which Darrius McCullum seems to be, I wouldn't want someone to convince me that I had a mental problem, and then cure me of it. That sounds like Big Brother (the Orwell one, not the voyeur one).
But on the other hand, with stunts like pulling the emercency brake, Darrius could accidently be harmful to society, if even just an frustrating annoyance.
But on the other hand, aren't we all?

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