In passing...

Overheard from two sorority girls as I walked past:

“Yeah, I’m totally bummed because I really wanted to go to the Jack Daniel’s tasting party tonight.”

First, it’s Thursday. Second, may I ask, what the fuck is a Jack Daniel’s tasting party? Is there any college student that doesn’t know what Jack Daniel’s taste like?

I wondered to myself: maybe there are different kinds of JD, different labels or something. So I looked it up. Nope, there’s just No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey.

I wondered: maybe these Jack Daniel’s tastings happen all the time, and I’ve never heard of them. I asked Google. They’ve heard of 2 “jack daniel’s tasting”, and one “jack daniels party”. That makes “wine tasting” about 120,000 times more popular.

I wonder why? Maybe because it only makes sense to have tastings of things you haven’t tried before—like the myriad types of wines, as opposed to something these frat guys drink every weekend. Stupid greek people.

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