IB is back online, and

IB is back online, and I couldn't be more happy with my grades!
Exams have a maximum of 7 points, and 4 is considered passing for each exam. To gain the diploma, you must get 24 points, in addition to meeting certain requirements such as community service, and writing an extended essay.
Ok, so here goes:

English A1Higher6
History of the AmericasHigher6
Mathematical MethodsStandard7
French BStandard5

Theory of Knowledge: B
Extended Essay: B
(My TOK and Extended Essay scores combine to give me 2 bonus points.)

Total points: 37
I'm so happy that I did well. It totally made my day. IB was a long two years, but today (and my prospects at Chicago) have made it incredibly worthwhile.

Sometimes I'm cautious about being boastful, but as my friend Leia has said, "if you really did it, it's not bragging". (I think Teddy Roosevelt said that too, or Hemingway, or somebody that went on African Safaris...)
I earned 37 points in the IB program, well above average, in one of the most selective academic programs in the world. That's worth bragging about.

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