I went to a meeting

I went to a meeting today for physics concentrators (at U of C, we say 'concentration' instead of 'major'). It made me even more acutely aware about my doubts regarding my concentration. I don't have to declare my concentration until my third year, but since I intend to double-concentrate, it is pretty important that I take the proper prerequisites now.

Unfortunately, I'm interested in too many subjects. I'm torn between physics, computer science, economics, history, and philosophy. If I think from a career-oriented perspective, computer science and economics are probably my best bets, and it's very feasible to concentrate in both. However, I love physics and philosophy because they seem to be the two most fundamental ways of explaining our existence, from a scientific and humanistic perspective. History is simply a subject that interests me, as evidenced by me watching the History Channel for hours per day, much to the boredom of my family. (Timelab 2000 rocks!)

Perhaps I can be most satisfied by concentrating in one science, and one humanity/social science, although it is more difficult because fewer of the electives overlap.

Of course, I could always be a Fundamentals concentrator, in which I would create my own curriculum designed to answer a fundamental question, such as 'Is the scientific method a valid way of gaining knowledge?'. But Fundamentals seems to lean too far towards liberal arts on the scale of liberal arts to practicality. (Is that a valid scale?)

This is a pretty big dilemma for me. I could just stay in academia all my life, learning about everything that interests me, but even this would be unsatisfying because I would feel like I'm missing out on the 'real world' experiences.

However, at the moment, I'm postponing further contemplation of my eventual subject of concentration because I have 160 pages to read for tomorrow.

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