I took the first part

I took the first part of my IB History of the Americas exam today. I had to write two essays and a DBQ - I thought for sure that I had carpal tunnel syndrome. :-)
Tomorrow I will take the second part of the exam (three more essays), after which I will be through with my exams! Obviously, I'm excited. But throughout high school I've realized that there is never really a break in life. By that I mean that even when it seems like all the stressful stuff is over, there is other stuff that takes it's place. For example, when I'm done with the exams, I still have to get a job and earn money for college.
Perhaps I don't mean that "there isn't a break in life", but rather that there are always things to do. And that is not a bad thing, just a fact of life. It is totally feasible to work hard all your life and have lots to show for it, or not work hard and have little to show for it.
I doubt it matters in the afterlife which I choose, so I choose whatever I'm comfortable with. :-)
I think that people have unlimited potential, so to say that 'I did my best' is never true. I do the amount that I'm comfortable with, and I live with it.
But I have to get back to studying.

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