I saw X-Men Saturday night.

I saw X-Men Saturday night. I enjoyed it a lot, but I'm a huge fan of the comic series, and the cartoon was a Saturday staple for many years, so my opinion may be a bit prejudiced.
But honestly, who can't be a fan of X-Men? Although the symbolism (usually of World War II or the Cold War) often seems forced, the plot is enjoyably complex, which easily lends the movie to a cult following eagerly awaiting the sequel. As with most first issues of comic series, the movie hardly moves beyond the "origins" phase, making it seem, as the Salon review said, more like a pilot for a TV series than a feature movie.
As may be expected, the movie had the same cartoonish universe as the Batman movies, minus the noir. The moral themes of tolerance and humanitarianism were too overt, and well, cartoonish. But the redeeming qualities of the movie, for me, were the engaging and intricate characters, and the complex, multi-threaded plot. Additionally, the script succeeded in making renegade tough-guy Wolverine humorous.
Overall, it's probably a guy flick to be watched for the special effects, fight scenes, and hot girls, but the discerning mind (ahem) well delight in the many complexities and metaphors of the film.

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