I love U of C

I love U of C

I am about half way through my U of C visit right now. Actually, this is being typed from a dorm room at about 2:30AM at U of C. So far, this school has really impressed me, as it did when I visited last summer. The academic focus and intellectualism, I feel, will both challenge and motivate me to strive beyond the medicore effort I put into school now. But that also makes the school somewhat scary. I will have to work harder than I have ever worked before.

In addition, I have sporadically heard students refer to the intellectual atmosphere at the university as 'pretentious', arising from many arrogant yet ego-insecure students trying to best each other with useless knowledge of some arcane subject. However, I think this will be an element present at any extraordinary college, and I am sure that I have the confidence to survive such attacks on myself and my intelligence.

Or am I being pretentious?

It's late.

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