I feel as though everything

I feel as though everything is going well in my life. I seem to be experiencing a rash of good fortune, which has made me a bit arrogant. Anju's words are more than a bit haunting: "Enjoy this now Aaron, because you're not going to feel this good in a few weeks."

This evening, Jeff, a friend from my Classics class and my physics lab partner, telephoned me. He said he was calling on behalf of a friend who wanted to know if I was romantically involved with anyone. I asked, "On behalf of whom?"
"I can't tell you because she's standing beside me."
This was definitely worthy of a piqued interest.
"No, I'm not involved with anyone."
And that was the end of the conversation. Hopefully he will divulge more details when I see him tomorrow.
I kind of like somebody else though...

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