I ate too much food

Holy crap. I just went to the Original Pancake House with Margaret and her sisters Nora and Susie. It's the best place to get breakfast in Hyde Park, rivaled only by Valois.

The first thing to know is that the portions are huge. I ate a four-egg Spanish omelet that came with three pancakes. I swallowed that down in record time, earning congratulatory high-fives from the girls. Susie couldn't eat all of her spinach omelet and pancakes, so I finished that for her.

Then Margaret couldn't finish her gigantic German apple pancake, so I polished off a few pounds of that.

Nora was the only Lyoness* able to eat her entire cheese omelet and pancakes.

On top of eating my birth weight in food, I had several cups of coffee with whipping cream. Whipping cream is just like regular cream, except fatter.

*Ha ha. Margaret's last name is Lyons, and a female lion is a lioness. I'm so funny. Oh shit.

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