I feel like I have a ridiculous amount of work for the next few days. The last thing I should be doing is blogging, but, you know how it is...
I need to read/write about the standardization of scientific measurements for my Science, Culture, and Society in Western Civ class; read/write about the scientific work of Goethe and Whitehead for my Science as Cultivation class; and do a problem set/study for midterm in math.

Not to mention find a summer sublettor and a job.
Everything will get done eventually.

Plus, my computer science midterm was returned today. The prof was a real hardass, so the mean was about 40%. So, after putting substantial effort into the class, I understand about 40% of the material. WTF?

Ok, some links:
Phiffer is an original DTML design for a weblog. Originality gets mad props from me.
100 Greatest Online Games I am so the master of wasting time.
Use the Blog, Luke by Steven Johnson (author of Emergence)
Much Ado about Blogging by Scott Rosenberg

Actual Names for Quadruple Espresso Drinks Used by Locally Owned Coffee Shops. McSweeney's lists are my salvation from Mondays.

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