How to be good with the ladies

The other day, my girlfriend was reading McSweeney’s #8.

“Is that McSweeney’s?” I asked, recognizing our common taste in literature. “A few years ago I read A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers and saw him speak at the Harold Washington Library. I also read the McSweeney’s web site. It’s pretty funny.”

“Aaron, you’re a nerd,” she joshed. My nerdiness is often referenced when I allude to web sites not owned by media conglamorates.

I glance at the text over her shoulder. On the page was a letter by Kevin Guilfoile.

“Kevin Guilfoile! I know him.” (I use ‘know’ in the information-age sense of the verb, meaning we’ve exchanged e-mails and read each other’s weblog—see my earlier post about Kevin.)

“What?” she said, awed by my ties to the indie literature community.

“Yeah, he reads my weblog.”

“Get out, no way.”





“Yeah.” I rule.

So, if you want to impress the ladies, get a weblog and post about indie writers. Then wait for the serendipitous moment when you catch a girl reading one of the people you posted about, and pounce. I’m one for one.

Special thanks goes to Kevin for his incidental contribution to me having a girlfriend. Some of my favorite writings by him are The Half-Assed Handyman, What Are You, Drunk?, and the recent MetaFilter in the Ruins.

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