How do humans interact with

How do humans interact with technology?
The task of creating a good user interface for any technological appliance is interesting because it requires a complex balance between so many extremes. In terms of computer operating systems, the user interface should be aesthetic, yet functional; intuitive, yet powerful. The user interface should be familiar and easy to learn, yet should not be limited by the 'metaphors' of today's operating systems, using virtual 'desktops' and 'folders'.
If you share my interest in the human-computer interaction, I highly recommend following articles:
The Anti-Mac Interface, published in 1996, addresses the problems of the Macintosh interface (considered the most advanced graphical user interfaces at the time), as well as the obvious problems of the Unix command-line interface. The article concludes by outlining key areas in which the user interface must improve in the future.
Towards the Anti-Mac is a recent reply, discussing how Windows and open-source graphical interfaces are advancing, moving towards a metaphor-less, abstract interface, in additon to other ways in which the beginnings of the Anti-Mac system are being developed today.

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